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Armello Review - PS4
by Luke Horn - 09/18/15

In a golden age of science fiction, RPGs and board games such as Pathfinder and Munchkin, Armello has found an ever growing niche that capitalizes on our social geekdomness - digital board games. The digital format for board games, while at one time scorned; has found a home with all of us new age geeks. Armello's beauty and mechanics provide a mix of play, making it one of the most visually pleasing and technically sound digital board games out there.

The plot of the game is fairly simple, the king of Armello has the Rot; a terrible disease that not only kills those it infect, but also turns them into an evil beings. The four clans – Wolf, Bear, Rabbit and Rat – are racing to the king to either take his place on the throne or save him. There are several ways in which to replace the king and depending on your nature, you can do this in a good or an evil way. Like most RPG games, each clan or character has strengths and weaknesses and it is up to you to determine their alignment.

The board setup is very reminiscent of Catan and provides a natural feel for avid board gamers. Like many popular board games, the way you choose your movements across the board is what provides the strategy of the game along with the cards you collect. Be sure to think about what card you are playing and why. This is the other strategic part of the game and makes for a fun and complex setting. Play the wrong card and it can have just as bad of an impact as a botched dice roll. Due to the vast amount of outcomes, Armello is able to stay fresh for its audience.

The luck of dice rolls plays in an integral part of the game but in my opinion it does not dominate the game, it actually adds to its playability. Many of us have played Risk and know a battle is won or lost on a dice roll. As Kurt Vonnegut would say, “And So It Goes.” What makes Armello so enticing is the fact that it has taken some of the best elements of the games we love and rolled them into one. Whether you like Magic, Catan, or Game of Thrones, you should be pleased by this multi-faceted digital board game.

Armello can be rather complex but developer League of Geeks has provided a fantastic tutorial that one can quickly learn the game with. With the tutorial it takes anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour to grasp the gameplay.

The multiplayer mode allows for up to four players and provides the heart of the game. We all love board games and make no mistake about it, being able to brag to your friends about how smart you are when you win is important. Luckily in today’s digital world we have been provided with formats that allow us to still do this even when our friends move away! Armello gives us the board game, without the drive that many of us no longer have the time for.

Let the dust keep settling on your cardboard board games and pick up a controller. Armello gives one both the convenience of no travel and the enjoyment of a vivaciously blended board game without the headache of waiting for that one time a year when the stars align and we suddenly find a day and time where everyone can meet. I give Armello 9 out of 10! See you online! A review code was provided for this review.


I Am Bread Review -PS4
by: Luke Horn - 09/14/15

Will Smith beware! There is a new legend in town and he will “toast” you. I Am Bread is a fun quirky game where your goal is – yep you guessed it – to become toast. Along your journey to become toast, you must remain edible in order to succeed. The game play is physics based and presents several different levels of gameplay from starting in the kitchen to flipping around in the bathroom. Each level provides several ways to become toasted.

At the opening scene of each level you are presented with a note from the Therapy Barn to Mr. Murton – a clearly depressed man that is currently going through a divorce. This storyline provides a realistic environment where you actually begin to feel bad for Mr. Murton. 

At first the game controls are awkward and frustrating. However, like most situations in life, the more you practice, the more proficient you become. Once you grow adept at moving around, the game becomes a satire of life which provides Twain like humor along the way. The awkward movements that the controls create are what provide the challenge and laughter in your quest to become a toasty treat. At one point I believe I was humping a loaf of bread.

The open floor plan gives the gamer a plethora of options and can provide several different scenarios in which you can toast yourself. Objects such as skateboards, wall heaters and a smashed in T.V. quickly become your friends. It was fun to die in this game, which was rather refreshing.

The game provides several modes in which to play, which keeps your bread fresh. You can zero-g yourself across space, have a bagel race and even rampage through the board smashing everything in your path in all your angry baguette glory. This keeps the humor going and provides multiple ways in which to get your toasty yummy bread fix.

There were a few hiccups along the way. At times the gameplay was stunted by the camera angel and I felt like I had become the invisible bread man. There were also a few glitches and it seemed like I had entered a bread matrix. However, the issues were minor and did not damper the game. In fact, most of the time, they were simply funny.

I Am Bread ended up being a more interesting game than I ever thought it would be. It provided several moments of laughter and kept me entertained. Remember not to take it too seriously; you are after all a piece of bread. There is nothing more nostalgic and life centering than a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. And let’s face it, without the bread; it would be hard as hell to eat them. I give I am Bread 7 out of 10. A review code was provided for this report.


Xavier S H reviews Xbox One version of Tales from the Borderlands: Episode Four "Escape Plan Bravo". A review code was provided for this report.

Game of Thrones: Episode 5 ' A Nest of Vipers Review - Xbox One
By: Alan M. Wasserman

In the TV show the penultimate episode is usually the one that leaves you starting at your TV, the credits silently rolling against a black screen, leaving you alone with your thoughts and a sick feeling in your stomach. I had high hopesfor this installment of the game, knowing some wild twist or turn would lead us
to a shocking conclusion and into the final episode of the game. Unfortunately this was not the case.

We opened where we ended with Ramsey Snow and Rodrick Forrester discussing the fate of Talia, Ramsey threatening to marry her and join the families together. Ramsey thankfully puts those talks aside and asks Rodrick and Talia to join him in the forest, as he has something he wants to show them. You could tell by look on their faces that they knew, like Harry Potter, Ramsey was up to no good. As Ramsey chides the Forresters for not following orders and not playing nice with the Whitehills we come upon a familiar site, a wooden rack with a man half flayed on it. Unfortunately for Rodrick the man on the rack was the brother of his betrothed Elaena, Arthur. Ramsey tortures poor Arthur in front of the Forresters before opening his belly and spilling his guys on the forest floor. Cue opening credits!

The game continues to tell the desperate plight of the Forrester family. Asher and Beshka continue their quest to gather an army to protect Ironwrath, Mira flounders at every step in Kings Landing hurting her cause more than helping it, and Gared Tuttle continues his trip North of the Wall. Asher is forced to find his "army" in the closed fighting pits of Meereen, where he must battle a Prince Oberyn wannabe who talks trash and dances about with long spear. Asher, wins the fight, gives a flat monologue about blood and glory and the pit fighters decide to join as his army.

Nothing of note particularly happens to Mira. She tries again to help her family only to be arrested by the palace guard and taken to Cersei Lannister. Cersei waxes on about how Mira is more than she seems and how she appears to be useful. Cersei then manipulates the poor girl to do her bidding and sends her to gather information from Tyrion before his pending trial after the death of King Joffrey. In exchange for her help Cersei promises to "help" Mira with her problem with the Whitehills. Everyone knows that when Cersei agrees to help it always works out well.

Gared Tuttle and his band of brothers north of the wall encounter some of the locals and find out that the only way to kill the blue eyed monsters is to set them on fire. After a fairly short battle with three White Walkers, Gared and his friends flee towards the North Grove which we learn is a shelter even against
the darkest winter.

After his experience in the forest, Rodrick and Elaena spend some quality time together because nothing gets you over the heinous murder of your brother than weeks of shagging the guy responsible for it. During the scene Rodrick is interrupted by his sister Talia that during the night she witnessed a traitor
sending secrets to the Whitehills. Talia sends Rodrick to the Great Hall because the traitor is there currently. We confront the traitor and he goes on and on about why he did what he did. Based on your choices in the game I assume the traitor can be one of two people because he lays out your choices as the reason for his treachery, mostly those that run contradictory to his philosophies. Before you execute the traitor he begs for his life because he knows that the Whitehills plan on ambushing Asher.

The episode ends with the inevitable confrontation between the Forresters and the Whitehills. The hatred between these two lesser families has finally hit the boiling point. We are forced to make a choice at the end of the episode that will inevitably make a large impact going into the final episode. You can spot the choice from a ways off which dampens the impact of it.

I love Game of Thrones and devour anything I can read, play, or watch about it. However; this episode left me feeling flat. During the 2.5 hours that it took me to go through the episode, nothing happened or moved the story along except the events in the final 5 minutes of the game. In a game that is based on a
strong narrative I was left feeling that I could have skipped this episode and just picked up at the end of the game.

Along with the slow narrative there were several technical issues that I had with the game as well. The game crashed twice upon loading the new episode and there continues to be sound glitching throughout the game, either broken audio or no sound where there should be some.

I am looking forward to the final episode of the game to see how this tale ends and to see how Telltale weaves it into the greater narrative. This episode left me disappointed and I hope I do not have
to wait long for the final installment. I give this episode 7 out of 10 based on the slow
progression of the narrative and the continued technical issues that should not be there on a game that is not a technical juggernaut. Until the final episode: Valar Morghulis!

Gaming Nexus' Jeremy Duff gives the weekly rundown of news and notable realeses in the video game industry. This week features: King's Quest: Chapter 1 A Knight to Remember, N++ and World of Tanks comes to Xbox One.

Gaming Nexus' Jeremy Duff gives the weekly rundown of news and notable releases. This week features: Tembo: The Badass Elephnat from Sega for PC, Xbox One and PS4, the re-release of Journey for PS4, Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds Overdrive for PS4 and the Beta of Street Fighter V!

Xavier S H reviews Poly Bridge for Windows. A review code was provided for this report.

Rocket League - Review - PS4
by: Luke Horn - 07/17/15

Physics, Gravity, and Rocket League! I am certain that Newton had this game in mind when he said,and to every action there is always an equal and opposite or contrary, reaction.” For me, as a gamer and online player, two of the most important things for a multi-player game to have are action and playability. Rocket League excels in both these categories and in doing so creates a highly addictive game. It is a follow up to a previous game from Psyonix called Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars. Its aerial defying assaults, constant action and reaction, and turbo charged cars, keep you moving the entire time you are playing this game. You can have up to 8 gamers on multi-player mode, play an exhibition game or use the all new season mode. The game combines fast cars with a sport that is already in constant motion – soccer. Acceleration is an understatement. The point of the game, like most sports games, is to win. You chase around a giant soccer ball in a gravity defying car in order to score a goal. . It is such a simple but genius combination.

The motion and physics of the game creates an environment where the gamer becomes intoxicated by the fluid movement. I often found myself so caught up in the movement of the game that at first I was simply racing around attempting gravity defying flips and turns. Once I settled in, the real fun began – trying to score goals! When floating through the air or across the field, you start to become adept with the controls. A small tilt here, a turn there, a move at the wrong time or at the right time, and you either have the perfect moment and score or you find yourself hitting only air. You have to make quick decisions and impromptu moves throughout a match in order to both score a goal and be successful. The arenas provide even more ground to the already motion enhanced game as there are no boundaries. You can race up the walls, into the goals and even try to zip across the top of the arena.

Online play is at the heart of the game as it provides an opportunity to really look at the strategy of the game. In the single player modes, you really rely on an AI environment that is already providing its own cohesive strategy, which at times isn’t strategic at all. There will inevitably be at least one occurrence of your own teammate scoring on your goal. It seems to be a slight flaw in the single player modes. The depth of the game comes out in the multiplayer mode because you have to work together and figure out what type of collaboration will help you succeed. It isn’t so difficult that it is frustrating; in fact the games simple play makes this a fun part of Rocket League. The online portion is what keeps the game fresh and exciting. Who doesn’t like to brag over the mic when they score a side flipping, car spinning, turbo-blasting goal?

The game provides a robust selection of unlocks and boasts over 10 billion custom combinations for your Rocket League car. So for all you customization junkies, go forth and have fun. One of my favorite things was the heart thumping techno music as its fast paced motion provoking sounds mimic the game and was a perfect fit for its neon enhanced no boundaries arenas. The game virtually has no rules other than scoring. You can crash or destroy your opponent, go offsides, use every part of the arena and even run in and out of the goals or as in my case sometimes, drive upside down on it. Have fun! Rocket League is a blast, especially when you score a goal! No pun intended – ok maybe it was. See you online and as always - game on. I give 8.5 out of 10. Rocket League is developed by Psyonix and a review code was provided for this review.

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